Footprint Floor Vinyls (pair)

Footprint Floor Stickers (pair)
These are footprint floor stickers useful for telling people which way to walk around or for the entrance to your premises, encouraging social distancing. The footprint outline stickers are handy for guiding people around your workplace or shop walkways corridoors or shop aisles. Available in Blue, Black, Yellow, White, Red and grey

Sold in pairs and despatched within 48 hours. The footprints are over laminated with anti slip laminate and can be applied to clean smooth flat surfaces, that take everyday pedestrian traffic indoors or outdoors.
Available in a variety of colours but custom colours can be printed to the footprints on request.

Each single footprint is 25cm long and minimum order qty of 3 pairs.

Do not be put off by the cheap price of these floor stickers, we are charging the same pricess we always have during this pandemic and not increasing.


They can be stuck on yourself with the minimum of fuss, but instructions are provided.
Durable self adhesive floor laminated vinyl, for indoor outdoor use. Outdoor use not recommended to use in wet due to slip risks.

Ensure area to be stuck on is completely clean dry and free from dust, grease or any other contaminants. Peel away backing and apply gradually with a soft dry cloth. The area can be sprayed lightly with water before application to aid removal and refit if not straight. 

Footprint Floor Vinyls (pair)