Maximum Visitors Poster

This Maximum Visitors allowed in this shop sign prints the words, "maximum number of visitors" text and has a box that allows you to write what number of allowed visitors capacity you need in the box, we will leave it blank and you can write your own numbers in with regular marker pen.

They can be printed as vinyl stickers that can be used as posters or stuck on walls or windows, rigid plastic or metal signs that can be screwed to walls.


The Signs printed maximum visitors allowed are durable vinyl that are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, can be used as posters or stuck down,and the rigid plastic or metal are suitable for any use.

The initial price you see is for a A4 self adhesive vinyl sign that can be used as a poster or stuck down to doors, walls windows etc, but various sizes and materials available just click the drop downs to see the spec you need.


They can be A4, A3, A2 or A1 size

Maximum Visitors Poster

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