Social Distancing Transport Vinyl (pack of 20)

Bus or Train seat sign keep 2 metres for social distancing ( Pack of 20)
** if ordering 10 packs or more we can custom print to your own design or wording without artwork fees if your design is clear and usable

These Bus or Train seat self adhesive sticker sign s say keep seated 2 metres away for social distancing due to covid or corona virus,  sold in packs of 20 and printed on low tack easy removable vinyl are good for buses, coaches, taxis, mini busses or trains that tell passengers to sit more than a seat away. They can be stuck on actual seats or windows to inform passengers not to sit in them. They are made from a durable laminated self adhesive for durability. 

they are sold in a pack of 20 stickers and in 3 sizes. small medium and large

They can be stuck on yourself with the minimum of fuss, but instructions are provided. You can also change the message to read what you would like custom printed and if you upload your own custom logo we shall print that descreetly on the sign.


Durable self adhesive floor laminated vinyl.

Social Distancing Transport Vinyl (pack of 20)