Social Distancing Circular Floor Vinyl

These durable Social Distancing Floor Sticker Graphics are 300mm or 400mm wide come in circle shape or rectangle shape are suitable for supermarket or shops queues, can be delivered next day if you choose grey and the order is not combined with other products. If you need the stickers next day we advise to order the other products seperate.


They are made from a durable anti slip laminate self adhesive for durability. The Floor 2 metre distance keep apart graphic will not fade and contains the message "Please stand 2 metres apart for social distancing" and has footprints also printed on with the words be safe.

Useful for covid 19 or corona virus use where standing distancing in places like shops or take aways need to get people to queue 2 metres apart when near the tills, checkouts or the entrance to the building. Minimum order of just 3.


They can be stuck on yourself with the minimum of fuss, but instructions are provided.

Durable self adhesive floor laminated vinyl, for indoor outdoor use. Outdoor use not recommended to use in wet due to slip risks.

Ensure area to be stuck on is completely clean dry and free from dust, grease or any other contaminants. Peel away backing and apply gradually with a soft dry cloth. The area can be sprayed lightly with water before application to aid removal and refit if not straight. 

Social Distancing Circular Floor Vinyl